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March 14, 2009 in Montreal

This Burgundy wine fair is organized by the Viticulture Committee of the Côte d’Or with the help of the S.A.Q. It is targeted to consumers and Burgundy wine lovers of Canada.

Fifty producers and negotiants will play “ambassadors” of Burgundy wines and will be part of two distinct events:

“Le Grand Salon des Vins de Bourgogne 2009″ (it’s its Second Edition; the first one took place in 2007)

March 14, 2009: 11:00am-4:00pm: Montreal Sheraton Hotel

Each producerpresented  two of its wines for tasting. As for myself, I chose:

- Chassagne-Montrachet « Les Champs Gain » 1ER Cru Blanc 2006

- Chassagne-Montrachet « Clos Saint jean » 1ER Cru Rouge 2005

“Le Grand Dîner de Bourgogne” (VIP Burgundy Dinner)

The same day in the evening, each producer sat at a designated table and spoke about his/her estate and its wines. I served two wines at my table:

- Chassagne-Montrachet « Les champs Gain » 1ER Cru Blanc 2004

- Santenay « Clos de Tavannes » 1ER Cru Rouge 2004

March 15, 2009, in Paris

Caroline Lestimé and her husband, Hubert, were pleased to welcome you and your friends for a tasting of some of the Domaine Jean-Noël Gagnard wines during the 19th Salon des Vignerons Polytechniciens on March 15th, 2009.  Doors open from 11am to 7pm at the Hôtel de Poulpry, 12 rue de Poitiers, 75007 Paris.

Notes on 19 March 2009

One year in the early 21st century that will remain branded in our memories is 2003, marked by excesses of frost and heat. Winegrowers, like everyone else, will long remember these first signs of global warming: a scorching-hot summer and a remarkably early harvest.

Six years later, it is by no means unusual to open a bottle of our Boudriotte 2003 for a tasting in the winery.

The low-lying vineyard was badly damaged by frost, resulting in very low yields, which turned out to be very fortunate, as the vines would hardly have been able to ripen more than the few remaining bunches, due to the intense heat.

At this stage, I really enjoy watching this lovely, golden-yellow wine swirling around in my glass and smelling its rich bouquet.

On the palate, it retains the full-body it had as a young wine but has developed even more elegance and finesse. It is as though the wine has acquired greater control over its exuberance with age.

It still shows lots of dried fruit and hints of chocolate on the palate, but the aftertaste is much cleaner and fresher.

We find the wine charming and approachable, but, at the same time, surprisingly lively and characterful.

January 8, 2009 in London

Caroline went to Justerini & Brooks, 61, St. James’s Street, London SW1A 1LZ. Phone: 0207 484 6400, fax: 0207 484 6499. She presented her 2007 vintage to the trade and consumers.

January 7, 2009 in London

On January 7th, 2009, I presented my 2007 vintage at  Berry Bros. & Rudd, 3, St. James’s Street, London SW1A 1EG. Phone: 0870 900 4300, fax: 0870 900 4301.

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