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Book shop specialising in œnology, gastronomy and the art of living. Stocks also many decorative objects and souvenirs.
7, rue de l’Hôtel-Dieu
21200 Beaune
Tél : 03 80 25 08 30

Pain d’épices (gingerbread) is king here. It is either plain or stuffed with marmalade. This gingerbread, made with rye flour, honey, and aniseed never fails to delight gourmets. This venerable firm has produced gingerbread at 13 Place Bossuet in Dijon since 1796, and is an important part of the city’s gastronomic, architectural, and historic heritage.
1, place Carnot
21200 Beaune
Tél : 03 80 22 06 18

Former sommelier at the Hostellerie de Levernois, Frédéric Henry took over this shop in 2005 and now offers a large range of wines selected from the best producers of the Côtes de Nuits and the Côtes de Beaune.
12, rue d’Alsace
21200 Beaune
Tél : 03 80 25 01 80

Another famous Dijon speciality, mustard, has been made here in Beaune since 1840 in the traditional way of grinding the mustard seeds in a stone mill. Tours are available for a modest fee.
31, rue du Faubourg Bretonnière
21200 Beaune
Tél : 03 80 22 10 02

This small shop features supplies and small equipment for wine professionals and connoisseurs: corkscrews, glasses, grape shears, candles, and aprons…
1, rue Samuel Legay
21200 Beaune
Tél : 03 80 22 15 73

Beaune’s town market trades every Saturday morning in the covered market place (Les Halles) and the square surrounding it.

This fine food store offers a wide choice of cheeses matured by Alain Hess, master cheesemonger, whose house speciality is the “délice de Pommard” coated in mustard seeds.
7, place Carnot
21200 Beaune
Tél : 03 80 24 73 51

City of art and culture, Beaune attracts antique and bric-a-brac traders, some of whom have formed a body operating on dedicated premises.
21, boulevard Saint Jacques
21200 Beaune
Tél : 03 80 22 61 30

Cassissines, Marie de Bourgogne, and escargots de Bourgogne are just a few of the delicious chocolates made by this skilled artisan. You can also enjoy the pâtisseries in a tea room.
1, place Monge
21200 Beaune
Tél :

Although Védrenne offers a wide range of fruit cordials, crèmes, and liqueurs, cassis (blackcurrant) is by far the most popular. The so-called “black cassis” of Burgundy comes predominately from the Hautes-Côtes de Nuits. In order for visitors to discover the world of blackcurrant, Védrenne opened a museum and tourist complex in Nuits-Saint-Georges in 2001, the Cassissium.
28, rue Carnot
21200 Beaune
Tél : 03 80 22 16 30

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