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August 30, 2009


Six months after bottling and further to a well-deserved convalescence, 2007 Les Caillerets has spread its wings.

I am absolutely delighted with this wine, whose richness and depth are starting to come through beautifully. From the moment I take the glass to my nose, I am bowled over by the intense bouquet, especially considering that the summer of 2007 was hardly sunny. Nor am I likely to forget the cool temperatures in August!

The explanation probably lies with the strong wind that blew in early September, concentrating the juice in our grapes. This miraculously changed the fate of our 2007s in just a few hours, and we are thrilled with the results.

While the wine has not completely come together on the palate, there is every indication of a powerful, vivacious minerality reflecting a great terroir. This slope vineyard’s limestone parent rock gives the wine power, structure and length. It is luscious and refined on the palate with subtle flavours of pear, citrus, and almonds that caress the taste buds.

In 2007, the primacy of terroir and the role played by the wind had a decisive effect on quality. In a few years, this bottle will provide enormous pleasure to lovers of fine wine.

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