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Video: L’Estimée 2007

videolestimee1Daniel McKeever shares his tasting of my L’Estimée 2007. I’m really happy he enjoyed it! There is a story behind the name of this special cuvee. The Paquelin family has been present in Chassagne-Montrachet since the 15th century, and its descendents are still to be found in the village. However, due to a lack of male descendents, the surnames of the in-laws, such as Coffinet (1866) and Gagnard (1925), have appeared in place of the original families’ surnames. The branch founded by Jean-Noël Gagnard continues to the present day under the name of Lestimé (1994). The name of this wine, L’Estimée, is an allusion to the newest branch of the family − and it also means “the respected lady” in French.

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