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Organic Attitude of Domaine J.N. Gagnard

analysesolbatardmontrachet-v22I took my first steps in winemaking in 1989, the year I arrived at the Domaine.

I spent the first ten years (1989-1999) in a quest to identify the essence – the deep-down uniqueness – of each of our terroirs. This laid the foundations of my philosophy concerning vineyard management and environmental practices at the Domaine.

In 2000, I put a stop to the use of herbicides in our vines and started ploughing the soil.

The return to these vineyard management practices, in general up until the early 1970s, necessitated major investments and additional manpower, as well as a complete reorganisation of our working methods.

Tilling the soil (ploughing, chiselling, mowing, etc.) is now one of the main aspects of our work in the vineyards.

Finally, in 2010, it was time to perfect this approach and focus completely on the vines.

We already made sweeping changes ten years ago, introducing phenotypic selection and a policy of preserving the genetic biodiversity of our vines.

In 2010, our use of mineral rather than chemical sprays to protect our vines from disease and pests completed our conversion to organic vineyard management.

From now on, the preservation of the Domaine’s vineyard assets is the cornerstone of my winemaking business.

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