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The Great Domaines of Burgundy

booktaylor« Respect for the environment and her  past are a passion of Caroline’s but her determination to create a modern, dynamic and quality domaine go hand in hand with this”. This is how Charles Taylor and Remington Newman qualify the work of Caroline Lestimé in the revised edition of The Great Domaines of Burgundy. This book is the perfect opus for “anyone who loves wine but finds the complexity of Burgundy hard to get to grips with. Serious wine buffs who want to keep up to date with what’s going on in this important region.” Michael Broadbent is the author of the Foreword.

Subdivided into hundreds of domaines, often family-run and sometimes covering no more than a few hectares, Burgundy can be offputtingly fragmented even to wine experts. In compiling this revised edition the authors revisited all the domaines that appeared in previous editions plus scores of “rising stars”, to select the very best and most interesting of them and remove those that no longer come up to scratch. They have spoken to winemakers about their grapes, their soil and their techniques and, of course, sampled their wines. Following on from the domaine-by-domaine guide are descriptions of the microclimates of the region, the most important grapes and wine styles, as well as tips on buying, storing and tasting wine and a rundown of recent vintages.

Remington Norman was a Master of Wine and is a member of the Académie Internationale du Vin. He is also the author of the multiaward-winning Rhône Renaissance. Charles Taylor is a Master of Wine and also works as a wine consultant. His knowledge of the region, its wines and of the individual producers is unrivalled.

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