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Thanksgiving Turkey

Thanksgiving is traditionally celebrated in America on the 4th Thursday of the month of November. The holiday commemorates the meal shared by the New England colonists and their Indian friends in celebration of their first harvest. Indeed, the Indians were the ones who showed the colonists which crops were best suited to their new environment − corn and sweet potatoes, among others − and taught them how to hunt wild turkeys.

From that day forth, the Thanksgiving turkey has traditionally been stuffed with breading and served alongside sweet potatoes, cranberry sauce and pumpkin pie. Wine lovers often pair it with a Pinot Noir.

For 6 persons:

1 turkey

Ingredients for the stuffing:
300 g stale bread, broken into pieces
1 can of corn (or if you are feeling ambitious, cut the kernels from 2 cobs of cooked corn).
1 celery stalk cut into small pieces
1 chicken stick cube

1. The morning of the meal, prepare the stuffing: cut the celery stalk into tiny pieces. Mix all the ingredients in a large bowl and fill to cover with chicken stock. The stock should be completely absorbed by the bread when it is time to stuff the turkey.
2. Stuff the turkey with this preparation. Millie’s tip: set aside a small amount of stuffing and cook it next to the turkey wrapped in aluminum foil. This makes for a lighter stuffing that isn’t full of the fatty drippings from the turkey.
3. Put the stuffed turkey in the oven and baste often as it roasts so that it remains moist and tender.

Download this recipe card as a PDF file.

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